Friday, 13 February 2015

Uniform dating Edinburgh: PR


As Edinburgh Based bloggers we love seeing images and videos of Edinburgh! We love this city Interviews about dating in Edinburgh. Tell us what you think?

The Uniform Dating team have interviewed Edinburgh residents on the street to find out how they feel about online dating, whether they'd used it before, and other questions about dating in general. As you can imagine, there's some weird and wonderful people in the city (and we didn't even film it during the Fringe!) and I think the results would be fun to share!
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Kewpie Collection‏ - PR


We were invited to the Abandon Ship Apparel first look for their new collection! Unfortunately we had a prior event on in Edinburgh that evening.

How cute is this collection!


With their big eyes, chubby bellies and ickle squishy cheeky-weekies you want to pinch all day, kewpie dolls are a mainstay of popular culture and have been for over a century. Conceived by awesome illustrator and badass women’s rights activist Rose O’Neill, these angelic little chubsters graduated from comic books to collectibles in 1912, and now you can find them on a special range of Abandon Ship products designed by Barbie Lowenberg of long-time ASA collaborators and all-round wonderful human beings Longfox. In addition to their usual cheeky hijinks, we’ve introduced our little army of kewpies to tacos, watermelons and upside down crosses!

The image of kewpie was based on the child-god Cupid, god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection, so it’s fitting that we are launching a whole range of cute-as-a-button Kewpie products right in time for Valentines Day! The collection includes a skater skirt, pencil skirt, crop top, iPhone case, iron-on patches and if you’re in the mood for romance we have something special — an intimate two piece consisting of a crop vest and high-waisted knickers. You won’t need to be shot with any of Cupid’s arrows to be smitten with these cutie-kewpies.
The lovely Amanda from HoneyPop modelling!

The kewpie range is launched in-store this week!
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Thursday, 12 February 2015


We went along to the Zero Waste Scotland love your clothes event on the 22nd January at the Scotland Redesign limited Edition store, Ocean Terminal


Our blog sisters from Glasgow Sherri and Claire hosted the event via their PR/Marketing company Betty&Bee.
I felt the event was really educational as it was all about environmental sustainability and maintain sustainable fashion. Who else better to host than our favorite bargain hunters Betty&bee.
The girls gave us style tips, showed us a rail of their favorite garments, and even taught us ways to recycle/renew outfits. For example your favorite jeans that have became baggy in the knees use a cheese grator and a back comb brush to give rip detailing and authentic trim look.

Love Your Clothes aims to raise awareness of the value of clothes and help us make the most of the clothes we already have. We focus on encouraging people to think about way they purchase, use and dispose of clothes. We provide easy and practical tips and advice on how to:
  • make your clothes last longer
  • reduce the environmental impact of laundering your clothes
  • deal with unwanted clothes
  • make the most of your wardrobe.

Photo 20-01-2015 19 28 36Sultana
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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

#TG6 By #Scotstreetstyle

Hey blogbees! A group of Edinburgh bloggers went along to the Gathering 6 by ScotSstreetStyle.

Edinburgh bloggers are mentioned in the ONWARDS! book by scotstreetstyle! Buy it NOW

We love the creative vision Gordon has for Scotland. It's all about community growth and not about his personal goals!The team at Edinburgh Bloggers believe this book is a historic step in Scotland! Where it is tangible we can physically refer to. It can also be a guideline of the creative talents Scotland has.

The event was held at the SWG3 studio. There was so much to-do at the networking event. Photographers everywhere, makeup studio, professional images with a backdrop, DJ and obviously a bunch of creative Scottish talents!

Edinburgh bloggers were posting live videos and images from the event. See here.
Photo 31-01-2015 20 57 15 Photo 31-01-2015 20 06 56 Photo 31-01-2015 20 05 11 Photo 31-01-2015 19 52 21 Photo 31-01-2015 19 53 05 Photo 31-01-2015 19 55 53 Photo 31-01-2015 20 02 35 Photo 31-01-2015 19 43 19 Overall fantastic turn out! Thank you Gordon for inviting us! We can't wait to get my hands on the book! Gordon we need a gathering in Edinburgh please!!!  Photo 31-01-2015 21 54 02

Until next time!

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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Valentine's Vs Anti-valentines

Only a few days left until valentines! Weather your a hopeless romantic or like myself thinks valentines is overrated and you should feel 'extra loved' all the time by your loved one....

Here are our favourite Valentine / anti valentines promos.

Cuckoos bakery - 0131 556 6224 

Limited edition - available from Friday 13th to Sunday 15th February 2015 only.
Anti-valentines cupcake
Our Red Velvet sponge is filled with white chocolate ganache, topped with cream cheese frosting and finished with a handmade Voodoo doll. Whether you've fallen out of love or just can't stand Valentine's Day... treat yourself (or your worst enemies) to this Anti-Valentine's treat!
Allergens: Gluten, dairy and eggs.

Filling station #FSLovesMe

Feel the love this Valentine's Day with Filling Station! Join us as we serve a special selection of your American favourites with a loving twist!
Start the morning off with our Pancake Sharing Platter drizzled in maple syrup, with berries and Chantilly cream. Fancy a mid-afternoon snack? Our heart shaped pretzels will do the trick and for later, we’ll be serving up our pizzas in a loving way. No meal is complete without a cocktail, and we’ve got some of the finest in town. You’ll want to sip the night away with our St. Valentine or sweet Berry Kiss cocktail.
We’re ready to seduce you with our culinary skills and stir you into a frenzy with our Cocktails!

So even if you’re single, you can at least fall in love with us this Valentine’s Day #FSLOVESME.

Let us know what your doing this Valentines? And remember to #edinburghbloggers for a repost! 

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