Monday, 31 August 2015

#ZomatoMeetup at Hard Rock Cafe, Edinburgh

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Our lovely friends from Zomato invited us along to an exclusive foodie event at Hard Rock Cafe Edinburgh!Photo 12-05-2015 17 34 10
Hard Rock Cafe have created a world burger in their menu. So instead of going to all these different Hard Rock cafes in the world just to try their local burger! The team are giving us the opportunity to taste in you're own home town!
 Photo 12-05-2015 17 43 18 Photo 12-05-2015 17 52 53  Photo 12-05-2015 17 58 19  Photo 12-05-2015 18 23 23  Photo 12-05-2015 18 52 49 Photo 12-05-2015 19 50 31
Sultana got myself this beautiful mango mocktail mad from mango purée!
Photo 12-05-2015 22 01 22 Photo 12-05-2015 18 08 09
Loved seeing a few blogger buddies and to meet a handful of foodies!
Photo 12-05-2015 18 28 46
Thank you zomato and the marketing team for inviting us! See more food photos on #worldburgerTour
Photo 23-05-2015 16 23 05

Official Blogger at the Foodies Festival 2015

Blogger badge[embed][/embed] We were an Official Blogger at the Foodies festival!!
Foodies Festival Celebrates 10th Anniversary and Year of Food and Drink Scotland at Edinburgh Inverleith Park
We booked to see two shows which was the How to sniff cocoa like a rockstar at the Tasting, Cake and Bake Theatre. The concept behind this is to taste chocolate with using your other senses.
[caption id="attachment_3557" align="alignleft" width="150"]Photo 24-08-2015 18 31 27 Mmmmmmmmm CHOCOLATE[/caption]
You used the smell sense via you're nose ;) this is not for regular usage but something fun and different. Photo 08-08-2015 16 13 15 Photo 08-08-2015 16 40 27 Photo 08-08-2015 16 40 39
The second show we went to was Neil Forbes - Cafe St Honore at the AGA Rangemaster Chef Theatre.
Its pretty cool seeing live did look mouth watering.
The rest of the time we were relaxing in the VIP Tent, Eating or by the Entertainment tent listening to live music. The event atmosphere was really relaxed and very much a family oriented event. I loved how they even had a kids theatre! Photo 08-08-2015 18 16 47Photo 08-08-2015 15 25 19
Photo 08-08-2015 14 39 27Photo 08-08-2015 13 49 40Happy 10 year anniversary Foodies festival! I'm so glad it was a beautiful day! Even though I had boots on (You can't predict the Bough weather). Thank you Gary from Lanyard Media for inviting me and Edinburgh Bloggers!
Being the biggest desert fan can I just add...these doughnuts from Doughnuts were the best doughnuts ever!! Doughnuts ! ;)Photo 08-08-2015 16 55 24
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