Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Street Assist Edinburgh

This afternoon I volunteered my day to make a difference to help promote Street Assist Edinburgh.

Street Assist Edinburgh provides immediate support, advice and first aid to a wide range of people. Many people become vulnerable, lost or disorientated as a result of alcohol misuse, but also people who became separated from their friends, homeless people, dementia sufferers and victims of assault/domestic abuse. The emergency services are able to refer vulnerable individuals to Street Assist for minor incident treatment.

This new initiative has been founded by and delivered by a dedicated group of award winning volunteers. Find out how you can join them!
The Street Assist Edinburgh bus will be parked at King’s Stables Road between 8pm and 2am on Friday and Saturday nights.
I managed to speak to Neil Logan one of the volunteers at Street Assist Edinburgh and the Director of Roadshow Solutions about their services and how they have helped the community.
Interesting facts:
  •  It can cost the NHS around £1000 because of the result of Misuse of alcohol PER PERSON = 3 hours of police officers time, £250 to have an ambulance called out and overnight stay in a hospital which includes servicing from nurses, doctors and the running of the hospital.
  • Street Assist Edinburgh cuts costs as this as a voluntary organisation to help vulnerable adults, help sober them up before they contact a friend or family and ensure they have money to get home safe.
  • Neil even told me a story of an Alzheimer’s patient that came to Edinburgh from Kings Cross by mistake and Street Assist Edinburgh helped them contact their family as they were reported lost.

It was great giving back to the community by learning and helping sign up more volunteers. 

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Sultana XOXO