Thursday, 25 May 2017

PRESS RELEASE: Major milestone for world’s first social enterprise gin

Major milestone for world’s first social enterprise gin as Ginerosity profits shared out among young volunteers

A social enterprise gin that launched only six months ago has given away its first tranche of cash to help disadvantaged young adults.

The money from sales of Ginerosity gin will go towards helping six young adults access a life-changing volunteer programme that targets poverty in developing countries.

The news comes just days after the gin enjoyed a major sales breakthrough when supermarket giant Asda announced it was stocking the big-hearted craft spirit.

Ginerosity director Dave Mullen said both the funding announcement and Asda listing were phenomenal achievements for a brand that only launched six months ago.

He said: “We launched our social enterprise gin in November. Six months on and Ginerosity is on the shelves of Asda and enabling young adults to access an inspiring volunteer programme that is making a substantial difference to poverty in the UK and in developing countries.”

Mr Mullen, who is Executive Creative Director at marketing agency Story UK, said Ginerosity had partnered with Edinburgh-based charity Challenges Worldwide, which recruits volunteers to work with social enterprises in Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia and Ghana. This opens the door to social investment funding to help the social enterprises expand and help grow the local economy.

Each volunteer has to fund £800 towards the cost of the three-month programme, and £300 towards an industry-recognised qualification from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). Ginerosity’s profits go towards helping young adults meet those costs.

East Kilbride student Joanna Gillan, 21, was one of the six young adults to be awarded Ginerosity funding. She said: "I couldn’t believe it when I received the phonecall to say I had won a grant from Ginerosity. Due to this amazing partnership they have with Challenges Worldwide and their generosity, I’ve completed my fundraising, won a grant for my CMI qualification and am going on a three-month adventure to Rwanda.

“I’m really proud to be one of the first to benefit from Ginerosity, and I can't thank them enough. I’m immensely excited about learning new skills, meeting new people and discovering new places, while at the same time doing something meaningful to fight poverty.”

Ms Gillan also urged other people to get behind the Ginerosity brand, adding: “Buy a bottle of their gin and help continue the work of sending young people like myself to continue this amazing work through Challenges Worldwide!”

Looking ahead to her three-month volunteering in Rwanda which commences next month, Ms Gillan added: “When Challenges Worldwide came to my college one year ago I knew it was right up my street, but when I first sent off my application the fear set in as I have never been outside of Europe, but with the amazing support of the volunteers, co-ordinators, fundraising officers and Ginerosity they have made my upcoming three-month experience in Kigali possible.”

As part of the application process, Ms Gillan and fellow applicant Cameron McIntosh had to record a three-minute video pitch, which was reviewed by an independent panel established by Ginerosity earlier this year. The panel shared £2000 in Ginerosity profits between six young adults.

Alex Bruce, chairman of the panel and managing director of Adelphi Distillery, said: “These six people are the first to go through the Ginerosity funding programme, a major milestone indeed. These young adults will be the first to be funded by Ginerosity, and are due to fly out next month, work for three months and come back with important life skills that will help them grow and develop and engage.

“Thanks to the growing success of Ginerosity, and the recent Asda deal, it’s clear many more young people will benefit from Ginerosity’s kindness of spirit. It’s a cause that I and my fellow panellists are both excited and humbled to be able to support.”

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