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  1. I love following Edinburgh bloggers on instagram, being a local lass it's great to see local people and learning new things. Unfortunately it is ever so frustrating that who ever is running your Instagram feed chooses to spam, posting 20-30 at a time spoiling the use of instagram and Edinburgh bloggers. I have at the moment chosen to unfollow due to this and it saddens me as I love what you are trying to achieve. Then I thought maybe you aren't aware this is happening, so here Iam hoping you will take on board what is being served and hopefully stop others being put off your great cause.

  2. Hi Lynn,

    Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it.

    Our history of how we first started is by Edinburgh based bloggers using our hashtag which is #Edinburghbloggers. Our aim is to promote each other, which means when you have a new blog post you can @Edinburghblogg for a retweet or more on your concern #Edinburghbloggers on Instagram which we encourage a reshare. Like Twitter it promotes other Bloggers to look through or actknowledge other Edinburgh based bloggers. Again we apologise that you do not like this service but due to popular demand from our bloggers we will keep this opportunity for the followers.
    Thank you,
    Edinburgh bloggers

  3. This is a great blog, I like how you've centralised many Edinburgh based bloggers onto this one. I hope that my blog is of interest to you, it seems that you don't have anything quite like it on your site.

    Many thanks,

    Doner Informer